Sunday, January 23, 2011

Congratulation to me. Finally I got started !!

Better late then never. “Happy New Year” to all my would be blog readers and prospective followers. My target date for my first blog post was January 3, 2011 but hear I am late by three weeks. I have a good excuse to lie.  We have been blessed by a beautiful grand daughter on September 25, 2010. The joyous moment never seemed to come to end. I told my wife you have to get back home. Lots of work to be done. We have to schedule our yearly seminars and workshops for advocating, advising, edutaining and public speaking dates, inform our friends, past and future participants and of-course our Probono ADR services. We need to earn our livelihood. My wife packed my baggage and sent me back to hometown to look after our home as well as our business all by myself and you know folks, how good we husbands are to keep up with our daily routine and New Year resolution. You know what I mean. So hear I am. Finally I got started.

Year 2010 was a great year for . First five months of the year I spent in India. I have been fortunate to conduct seminars for High Court judges and lawyers of “Delhi”, “Karnatka”,  “Madhaya Pradesh” and “Chhattisgarh” states of India and their respective Judicial  and Administrative Academies on ADR & Conflict Management, Professional ethics & Leadership developments.  Did some consultation on related subjects for educational institutions and held some improvisational public speaking events.  What an experience it was. I shall share this experience in my next upcoming posts.

Next four months were spent  on attending associations meetings, learning and enhancing the qualities and acquiring the knowledge to better myself and of-course some volunteer and no-volunteer Mediation services along with some ADR advocacy work.

Then grand baby arrived on September 25, 2010 and another 3.5 months passed by just like that. So friends, I have disciplined myself and taken the charge once again.  In days ahead I will post all upcoming events in timely manner. Your honest comments will keep me on my toe.

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